Questions & Answers

  • Question: Why should I subscribe?

    Answer: Because you will get practically all Commitments of Traders analysis you need to support (or even build on) your trading.

  • Question: How much does your membership cost?

    Answer: It costs only $9.95 /month if paid bi-annually.

  • Question: Are there any other costs above the subscription fee?

    Answer: Absolutely not. We provide our service to everyone for this price.

  • Question: Do you offer a free trial of your services?

    Answer: You can have a Free account with 1-year history, Classic, Futures only charts, all other services we provide are for a fee.

  • Question: How can I subscribe to the service?

    Answer: Just go to our Subscribe page (you can find the link to it in the Header menu), then choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

  • Question: How can I renew my subscription?

    Answer: You don’t need to; it is done automatically after each subscription term.

  • Question: How can I cancel my subscription?

    Answer: You have to login to your PayPal account, go to recurring payment settings and cancel your subscription to

  • Question: What kind of payment methods can I choose from?

    Answer: You can pay with your VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card, through PayPal - even if you are not the member of PayPal! You do not have to register, just give PayPal your card details and you can subscribe. Of course, if you are already a member of PayPal, you can pay with the cards you have registered with PayPal or your PayPal balance.

  • Question: In which currencies do you accept payments?

    Answer: We charge in U.S. dollars for all subscriptions. However, you can pay with any currency that your bank or PayPal can convert to USD.

  • Question: Are there any other services/packages that I can subscribe to?

    Answer: Currently we are offering only the package listed on our webpage for private use. For commercial use enquiries, please send us an email to

  • Question: Will there be any new services provided in the future?

    Answer: Yes. As new services develop, they will gradually be added to our webpage.

  • Question: Do you protect users’ privacy?

    Answer: Yes, as you may see in our Privacy Policy.

  • Question: What is COT?

    Answer: COT is the short term for Commitments of Traders. It deals with how futures traders position themselves. For more information check out our ON COT page!

  • Question: What is COT Analysis?

    Answer: It deals with how to extract useful information from traders' positions on the futures markets. If you know who are long and who are short, you could locate on which side (long or short) are the weak and strong hands.

  • Question: What is Volume?

    Answer: It shows you for a single trading day, the total amount of contracts that have changed hands in a given futures market.

  • Question: What is Open Interest?

    Answer: It shows you at the end of each trading day, the total number of outstanding contracts that are held by market participants.

  • Question: Which markets do you cover?

    Answer: We cover all major futures markets. For exact listing, please view our Markets Covered page.

  • Question: Do you provide real time charts?

    Answer: We don’t.

  • Question: When are your charts updated?

    Answer: Our charts are updated after CFTC publishes the data each week. Normally our charts are updated on Sundays, but on some occasions, such as national holidays, they are updated the first day after the publication.

  • Question: I’m having troubles using your website, what should I do?

    Answer: In peak times our servers may get overloaded, because our COT analysis calculations consume lots of processing power. The calculation of 'Market Complexes'-related information may take, in special situations, even two minutes to process.

  • Question: How can I contact you?

    Answer: Just send us an email to

  • Question: Why don’t you offer more technical indicators?

    Answer: Our site deals with the structure of 'order flow', that may well be regarded as 'techical analysis', however we believe it is more than that. So we leave standard technical analysis stuff to other sites, and we stay with the topic we know the best .. the analysis of COT, Volume and Open Interest data.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!