The most comprehensive
    commitments of traders data and analysis
    on the web, for over a decade
    $16.50 /month
    *$99 paid 6-monthly
    • Corrected & Combined

      We correct for past contract size changes and combine mini and normal contracts.

    • Market Complexes

      In Market Complexes we combine similar markets into one to make it easy to analyze the whole sector.

    • Options Only

      COTbase.com exclusive, shed light on the large option traders' positions in the futures market!

  • New
    We reverse-engineered COT data and created our unique intraday indicator
    $99 /month
    • Versatile

      Can be applied to any chart type and time-frame

    • Proprietary Algo

      Uses advanced algorithms to create pseudo-COT data from market information

    • NO CFTC Data

      Data does not come from CFTC

    PREMIUM access
    Access all our data also by Ninjatrader indicator
    $99 /month
    • Chart your own way

      Use our API or Ninjatrader 8 or simply download our data.

    • Full coverage

      Access all our analysis covering all markets, data types, report types, datasets, etc.

    • CFTC Data

      Data is sourced from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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Australian Dollar Futures as of 10/22/2021 COT Net Positions


  • Always be free

    COT Net positions charts with limited history.

  • monthly
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    All our analysis features with all COT history on the web.

    $99 /month

    All our analysis features and data on the web and in NinjaTrader 8.

    $99 /month

    Our amazing new intraday indicator on NinjaTrader 8, TradingView, or cTrader.

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