Commitments of Traders

Analysis and data

Commitments of Traders data has an edge over the markets. Just check out the resources section for proof.
But you have to be thorough in your analysis to find the best trades with the highest win probabilities.
Here comes COTbase, that is the most comprehensive COT data analysis tool on the web.

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Brand new features

  • Introducing Market Dashboards

    You have now a dedicated sub-page for each market, collecting all the COT data in one place, one click away from any kind of COT chart you want.

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    Introducing Market Dashboard
  • Hugely improved charting

    We have now interactive charts, tooltips and the ability to put much more data on your charts (not only Net positions, but COT Extremes, COT Changes and more).

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    Highly Improved charting
  • Analyzable data increased by 20x

    Added Options Only datatype, and now 14 datasets can be set as the basis of your analysis and charts, and not only the Net positions.

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    Analyzable data increased by 20x
  • 11 New Futures markets added

    5 Currencies: Russian Ruble, Brazilian Real, South African Rand, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP
    2 Energies: Crude Oil (Brent), Ethanol
    2 Stock Indexes: Nikkei 225, VIX
    2 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (CME), Bitcoin (CBOE)

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    11 New Futures markets added
  • Options Only dataset arrived exclusive, shed light on the large option traders' positions in the futures market!

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    Options Only datasets arrived
  • Additional new features

    • More markets analyzed (VIX, Russian Ruble and many more added)
    • Analysis of different data sets (not only Net Positions, see the list here)
    • Market summary page added for all markets, where you can see and chart all the data for the given market at one place
    • Options only data sets added
    • COT Change calculation possible over number of reports, not just one report change
    • COT Index lookback and charting enhancements
    • COT Move Index calculation and charting added
    • COT Long-term trend charting added
    • Navigation become easier and faster (eg. Vol/OI page was integrated into the Analysis table)
    • Charting improved in quality and got generally much quicker.

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Australian Dollar Futures as of 09/13/2019 COT Net Positions


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