Latest Commitments of Traders review is here (23rd COT report in 2019)

  • 06/08/2019

In the latest COT report review, on the 23rd Commitments of Traders report in 2019, we show you COT charts on the following futures markets: Feeder Cattle COT report (Commercials -41% CHNG), Wheat (Minn.) COT report (Commercials -35% CHNG), Gold COT report (Commercials -32% CHNG), Oats COT report (Large Speculators 308 report COT Extreme), Brazilian Real COT report (Large Speculators 225 report COT Extreme), Heating Oil COT report (Large Speculators 183 report COT Extreme) Analysis service for active futures traders! Analysis for active Forex traders! Now analyzing cryptocurrencies too!