Latest Commitments of Traders review is here (6th COT report in 2024)

  • 02/11/2024

In the latest COT report review, on the 6th Commitments of Traders report in 2024, we show you COT charts on the following futures markets: Crude Oil (Brent) COT report (Commercials -25% CHNG), Orange Juice COT report (Commercials -24% CHNG), Australian Dollar COT report (Commercials 23% CHNG), Soybeans COT report (Large Speculators All Time COT Extreme), Corn COT report (Large Speculators 190 report COT Extreme COT Extreme), Euro COT report (Large Speculators 67 report COT Extreme). Analyzing AUDUSD with iCOT Intraday Indicator with AfterSignal.